POE Impact Modifier Enables The Automotive Industry to Move Towards Lightweight.

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POE Impact Modifier Enables The Automotive Industry to Move Towards Lightweight.


With the increasing requirements of automobiles for light weight, energy saving and environmental protection, automobile lightweight has become the mainstream research and development direction of the automobile industry. Many developed countries regard the amount of plastic used in automobiles as an important indicator to measure the level of automobile manufacturing.
The lightweight of automobiles has also successfully driven the modified plastics industry. Modified plastics have excellent performance in terms of flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, and toughness, and are lighter than high-density metal materials as automotive materials. , so more and more auto parts begin to use modified plastics to replace metal parts.
As the most commonly used additive in plastic modification, poe impact modifier plays an important role in the application of modified plastics. Let's take a look at which parts of the toughener will be applied in the car.


Automobile bumper is one of the main components using modified materials. At present, most bumpers on the market are made of PP plastic, but PP itself has poor low temperature performance and impact resistance, which makes it difficult to meet the material performance requirements of automobile bumpers. Therefore, tougheners are needed to toughen and modify PP properties to improve impact resistance. By adjusting the ratio of PP, tougheners, and fillers, a modified PP that meets the requirements of use can be produced, which can be used in automobile insurance bar.


Car Dashboard

The instrument panel is the main interior part of the car, and it is also the modified plastic used. At present, there are two types of instrument panels: hard instrument panel and soft instrument panel. The structure of the hard instrument panel is simple, and the main material is made of the same material. It is mostly used for trucks and buses. After the modified PP. Soft instrument panels are generally used in relatively high-end cars, and are composed of skin, skeleton, and cushioning materials. Generally, injection molded parts such as metal or modified PP or ABS are used as the skeleton, polyurethane (PUR) foam is used as the cushioning material, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used as the soft skin.


Car Fender

The fender is an external part of the car, which can resist the damage of the gravel, mud and sewage to the car. The stones splashed by the car may break the fender and make the fender lose its proper function. Therefore, fenders need to have strong impact resistance. At present, most fenders are made of modified PP plastic after toughening, which has good weather resistance, aging resistance, tensile strength, impact strength and other properties. .

Car battery shell

The shell of the lead-acid battery is mainly used to contain the electrolyte and the plate group. The electrolyte is a strong acid substance, and the shell should be acid-resistant, heat-resistant, and shock-resistant. In the past, the battery shell was mostly made of hard rubber, but now it is generally made of modified ABS plastic. The toughened and modified ABS can well improve the impact resistance and low temperature resistance strength of the shell. It not only has good heat resistance, low temperature resistance and shock resistance, but also has a beautiful appearance, light and thin, and high strength.


Automobile fuel tank

Automobile fuel tank is one of the main safety parts of automobiles, and has relatively high requirements for raw materials. Ultra-high molecular weight HDPE is usually used as the base material, and its impact strength and crack resistance are relatively important indicators. Therefore, tougheners are used in the application of HDPE is indispensable. After toughening and modification, HDPE not only has all the rigidity and strength of a metal fuel tank, but also does not generate static electricity, and will not catch fire due to contact when it collides. Occurrence of oil spill accidents.


There are still many places where modified plastics are used in the automotive field, such as plastic door panels, chassis guards, steering wheels, lampshades, etc. With the advancement of automobile manufacturing technology and modified plastic technology, more and more plastics will appear on automobiles. plastic parts.


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