Xinchanglong Advanced Individual Commendation Meeting

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Xinchanglong Advanced Individual Commendation Meeting


Advanced Individual Commendation
Shenzhen Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. organized an advanced individual commendation meeting 
 Chairman Wang Aidong, general manager Huang Yansheng, managers of various business departments and all employees attended the meeting.

1. Manager Xie from the Human Resources Department read out the commendation draft and praised Zhao Shengde for his outstanding performance at work. Interpret the corporate core values of "integrity, responsibility, hard work, progress, and innovation". I hope that all employees will take Comrade Zhao Shengde as the benchmark, love their posts, work hard, work hard, and contribute to the company.

2. The chairman delivered a speech. First of all, Director Wang highly affirmed Zhao Shengde's work performance since he joined Xinchanglong. Whether it is during work or during rest time, he can always deal with the task immediately after receiving the task, respond quickly, and have no complaints. Putting work first, this kind of professionalism is worth learning. At the same time, the chairman emphasized that it is not easy to recruit an excellent talent at this stage, and the cost of employment has been increasing. The company must continuously optimize and reform the human resource system, advocate rewarding advanced employees, and the heads of all business departments must evaluate the recruited employees. , Strictly screen talents. Regarding work, Mr. Wang said that what matters is what you have done, not what you have done. I hope that everyone can devote themselves to their jobs, grow and shine.

3. Mr. Wang awarded award certificates to Zhao Shengde, an outstanding employee, distributed bonuses, and took a group photo.

4. the outstanding employee Zhao Shengde made a speech.

He first thanked the leaders for their cultivation, colleagues for their help, and the platform Xinchanglong for the opportunities brought to him. A person's success is inseparable from the three elements of leadership, team and platform. Then I shared some experience in the work:
1). Attention should be paid to the details of the work, and the details determine success or failure.
2). Actively communicate with colleagues, cooperation can create higher efficiency.
3). Respond to the leader's work arrangement, and report in time even if there are problems.
4). Hard work is the most reliable path to success.

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