Effectiveness of Plastic Melt Flow Index Modifier

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Effectiveness of Plastic Melt Flow Index Modifier


1. Influence of MI: 
(1) In general, the fluidity of plastics affects some properties of materials, such as tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus and other parameters. When the melt index of the plastic is larger, the viscosity and average molecular weight of the material in the molten state are lower, the fluidity is better, the processing performance is better, and the physical and mechanical properties are relatively lower; on the contrary, the smaller the melt index, the higher the average molecular weight. , the physical and mechanical properties of the product are also higher. Generally, the mechanical properties of high fluidity will decrease. When selecting materials, it is not necessary to choose high-melting fingers, and it must be considered in combination with process conditions and costs.
(2) On the other hand, the melting index of plastics also affects the process of product processing and molding. In the processing and production of plastic products, the molding of products is often affected by many factors, such as temperature, pressure, mold structure, material melting index, etc. In the production of some products, the melt index of the plastic is required to be within a specified range. Therefore, when customers are looking for materials, they often refer to the physical property table of the material, or directly indicate the required size of the melting finger to meet the needs of the production process.
2. Effectiveness of our MI modifier R1-1 plastic melt flow index modifier:
For the reprocessing of recycled waste plastics, the melt index of the material is an important reference, so how to adjust the melt index of the plastic? Generally speaking, a plastic melt index regulator can be added. First, the melt index agent and raw materials are mixed evenly in proportion, and then transported to the processing equipment for product processing. Under high temperature environment, the melt index agent disintegrates into small molecules, acts on the molecular chain segment, changes the molecular structure and intermolecular force, changes the viscosity and strength of the melt during processing, and finally plays the role of adjusting the melt index and improving the processing performance of plastics Effect.

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