recycled plastic granule | Join Hands, Fight Virus
01 Jan

recycled plastic granule | Join Hands, Fight Virus

"From March 14th to March 20th, the city's bus and subway will be suspended; non-urban security enterprises will stop operating or work from home; the city will carry out three rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff a week; the city's people will not leave Shenzhen unless it is necessary."
With such an announcement, on March 14, Shenzhen, which has always been known for its fast pace, was pressed the pause button. Affected by this round of epidemic, some areas have been suspended for a week, logistics and transportation have also been interrupted, and all walks of life have also suffered a lot of blows. Not to mention production has become a problem, and goods cannot come in and out. During the special period of the epidemic, Shenzhen Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. also abides by the arrangements of Shenzhen CDC, works from home, and actively cooperates with epidemic prevention and control. However, our production has not stopped. At present, the workshop maintains normal production. Sustainably supply customers.
Shanghang Production Base
Shanghang County is located in the western part of Fujian Province, adjacent to eastern Guangdong in the south, southern Jiangxi in the north, Longyan in the east, and Wuping in the west. In the three years since the epidemic, thanks to the excellent epidemic prevention and control measures, the place has hardly been affected by the epidemic. Therefore, while epidemic prevention and control are carried out, it is possible to stop work and production. Xinchanglong's production plant is located in the west of Shanghang County, where there are more than 20 acres of production land, equipped with modern production line equipment, advanced experimental testing equipment, and spacious warehouses. Here, new products are developed, products are produced and shipped, and the production process with high standards and strict requirements is the strong support behind Xinchanglong.