Blue Recycled Pp Granul | Buckets Recycled Pp Granule

Blue Recycled Pp Granul | Buckets Recycled Pp Granule

recycled pp granule, as one of the major plastics, has good electrical properties and high frequency insulation properties and is not affected by humidity. However, it becomes brittle at low temperature, and is resistant to wear and aging. It is suitable for making general mechanical parts, corrosion resistant parts and insulating parts. recycled pp granule has good chemical stability. PP has excellent chemical stability and is inert to most acids, bases, salts and oxidants. In addition, PP has food grade and is widely used.

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    Shenzhen Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1996, was headquartered in Shenzhen City Guangfong Province of China, which has been successfully listed on the New Third Board in December 2015 (stock code: 834803). For a long time, Xinchanglong has been committed to the scientific research, development and innovation of new materials and new technologies. Our products cover the fields of ' Plastic Modifier, Recycled Granule, OFC Filling Material and Lubricating Oil.'. As a national high-tech enterprise integrating with R&D, production and sales, Xinchanglong has actively developed new businesses and continuously improved its corporate value since its establishment. 

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Mechanical properties of recycled pp granule

recycled pp granule has excellent mechanical properties, including tensile strength, compression strength and hardness, outstanding rigidity and bending fatigue resistance. Movable hinges made of recycled pp granule can withstand more than 7×107 folding and bending without damage, and the impact strength is poor at low temperature. The tensile strength of PP is generally 21-39 mpa; Bending strength 42-56 mpa, compression strength 39-56 mpa, elongation at break 200% ~ 400%, notch impact strength 2.2-5 kJ/m2, low temperature notch impact strength 1-2 kJ/m2. Rockwell hardness R95~105.

Mechanical properties of recycled pp granule

Introduction to the characteristics of recycled pp granule

recycled pp granule is a polymer developed from propylene additive reaction. White waxy material, transparent and light in appearance. The chemical formula is (C3H6)n, the density is 0.89 ~ 0.91g/cm3, flammable, melting point 189℃, at 155℃ or so softening, the use temperature range is -30 ~ 140℃. Under 80℃ can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt solution and a variety of organic solvents, can decompose under high temperature and oxidation.

Introduction to the characteristics of recycled pp granule

About the mechanical properties of recycled pp granule

recycled pp granule has good mechanical properties, which can be directly manufactured or modified to manufacture parts of various mechanical equipment, such as industrial pipes, agricultural water pipes, motor fans, and capital construction templates. The modified polypropylene can be molded into bumpers, scratches, etc., greatly reducing the body weight to achieve the purpose of energy saving. recycled pp granule can also be applied to the preparation of various corrosion-resistant conveying pipes, storage tanks, valves, special-shaped fillers in packing towers, filter cloth, corrosion-resistant pumps and the lining of corrosion-resistant containers. In medicine, it can be used to make medical devices; recycled pp granule could also be developed and applied in energy industry through grafting, compounding and blending processes.

About the mechanical properties of recycled pp granule

The value and significance of recycling PP granules from the perspective of environmental protection

PP granules are a polypropylene material that can be used to make various plastic products. However, if discarded PP granules are discarded at will, they will cause environmental pollution. Recycling PP granules can reuse these wastes, reduce pollution, and protect the environment. Moreover, the manufacturing process of recycled PP granules can reduce energy and water consumption and production costs compared to the new PP particle manufacturing process.

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Xinchanglong has been committed to new materials, new technology research, development and innovation. Our products cover the fields of "plastic modifiers, recycled pellets, OFC fillers and lubricants". As a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, Xinchanglong has been actively exploring new business and continuously improving enterprise value since its establishment.

In 2013, the department of "Filling Materials for Optical Fiber Communication" was established. With its accumulated expertise and superb technology in the field of new materials, the division has made great achievements and rapidly developed into a leading company in the field of OFC industry. In 2016, the company increased the investment in scientific research, independent research and development of multi-functional plastic modifier, optical fiber environmental protection filler, wire, cable and other products. In order to meet the growing consumer needs of our dear customers, we are constantly improving our product line and R&D team.

In the future, Xinchanglong will continue to uphold the mission of "new materials make economic, social and ecological sustainable development", with the purpose of "material science as the core, product quality as the life, customer satisfaction as the principle", and strive to bring all the outstanding talents at home and abroad to the enterprise, work together, strive to develop, innovate, and benefit mankind and the world.

Recycled pp granules are widely used in the production of plastic products, household appliances, automobiles, construction and other industries, such as the production of barrels, boxes, clips, pipes, and so on.

The storage conditions for recycled pp grains mainly include avoiding direct sunlight, moisture, insects, and mice, while complying with relevant storage standards and regulations.

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