Why not use PET instead of PE for the bottle cap of PET plastic bottles?

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Why not use PET instead of PE for the bottle cap of PET plastic bottles?


PET is a common recyclable plastic in our daily life, code-named "1", with good mechanical properties, wear resistance, high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless and other properties, beverage bottles made of PET have high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, anti-penetration, lightweight, high production efficiency, etc., so it has been widely used.

Although the body of the beverage bottle is made of PET, its cap is often not PET, but generally made of PE. Why?

01 Raw material price

The first is the price of raw materials. After all, cost control is the key to generating economic benefits. The price per ton of PET virgin material for blow molding is more expensive than HDPE. If it is mass-produced, HDPE bottle caps will be more cost-effective than pet bottle caps.

02 Processing mold

Hot runner molds are generally used to make PET preforms. The hot runner mold processing technology is a relatively advanced plastic processing technology. The cost of its components is high, and PE does not need to be so complicated. Therefore, under the same number of cavities, PET mold production cost is much more expensive than PE.

03 Color Characteristics

The PET material itself is transparent, and the general bottle caps are colored. It is difficult to make the transparent material opaque, so the PE material itself is directly selected.

04 Hardness properties

The most important point is the hardness of the material. We all know that the hardness of PET is higher than that of PE. Generally speaking, the softer the surface, the higher the sealing degree of the lid container. For the packaging bottle containing liquid, The requirements for tightness are higher, so PE material will be more suitable.

In summary, we can see that PE material is much softer than PET, and the price is relatively cheap. It is widely used in the market, and the mold is not complicated. It can be separated from PET well during recycling and sorting and has little impact on the recycling of PET bottles. , so most of the bottle caps on the market are PE, and a small amount is PP bottle caps. Our company provides pet plastic modifier.


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