Recycled Plastic Granule is a new way to recycle plastics

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Recycled Plastic Granule is a new way to recycle plastics


Plastic is everywhere in our daily lives. The disposal of plastic waste has always plagued our environment. To solve this problem, scientists invented a new recycling technology called Recycled Plastic Granule.

What is Recycled Plastic Granule?

Recycled Plastic Granule converts plastic waste into reusable plastic granules after special treatment. Such pellets can be used to make various plastic products, thereby enabling plastic recycling.

The production process of Recycled Plastic Granule

The production process of Recycled Plastic Granule mainly includes the steps of collecting plastic waste, cleaning, crushing, melting and granulating. The collected plastic waste needs to be cleaned and sorted, and then run through a crusher to break the plastic into small pieces. Next, these small pieces are fed into a melting machine for melting, and finally through a pelletizer to turn the molten plastic into pellets.

Applications of Recycled Plastic Granule

Recycled Plastic Granule is widely used in the production of various plastic products, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic furniture, etc. By using recycled plastic pellets, not only is the need for new plastic reduced, but the environmental impact of plastic waste is significantly reduced.

Recycled Plastic Granule provides a new approach to plastic recycling. In this way, we can use plastic waste more efficiently and at the same time contribute to protecting our environment.


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