Plastic Modifier: A product that improves the performance of plastic products.

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Plastic Modifier: A product that improves the performance of plastic products.


Plastic products are widely used in various industries and applications, such as automotive, packaging, construction, electronics, and more. However, plastic products also face some challenges, such as low impact resistance, poor weatherability, high shrinkage, and environmental issues. That’s why you need plastic modifier, a revolutionary product that can improve the performance and quality of plastic products. Here are some of the benefits and features of plastic modifier:

Enhanced impact resistance:Plastic modifier can increase the impact strength of plastic products by up to 50%, making them more resistant to cracking, breaking, or deformation under external force. This is especially important for automotive parts, such as car bumpers, which need to withstand high-speed collisions and protect the passengers and the vehicle.
Improved weatherability:Plastic modifier can improve the weatherability of plastic products by up to 30%, making them more durable and stable under various environmental conditions, such as UV rays, heat, cold, humidity, and oxidation. This is especially useful for outdoor products, such as building materials, which need to maintain their color, gloss, and shape for a long time.
Reduced shrinkage:Plastic modifier can reduce the shrinkage of plastic products by up to 40%, making them more dimensionally accurate and consistent. This is especially beneficial for precision products, such as electronic components, which need to fit perfectly and function reliably.
Eco-friendly:Plastic modifier is an eco-friendly product that can reduce the energy consumption and carbon emission of plastic production by up to 20%. This is because plastic modifier can lower the processing temperature and shorten the molding cycle of plastic products. Plastic modifier is also biodegradable and recyclable, which can reduce the waste and pollution of plastic products.


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