Hdpe Pe100 Granule Suppliers | Hdpe Pe100 Granule Wholesaler

Hdpe Pe100 Granule Suppliers | Hdpe Pe100 Granule Wholesaler

Our HDPE PE100 Granules have high thermal stability, making them well-suited for use in high-temperature applications. They can withstand elevated temperatures without losing their physical properties or deforming. This thermal stability makes them ideal for applications such as pipes, fittings, and containers that are exposed to hot liquids or environments.

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    Shenzhen Xinchanglong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. established in 1996, was headquartered in Shenzhen City Guangfong Province of China, which has been successfully listed on the New Third Board in December 2015 (stock code: 834803). For a long time, Xinchanglong has been committed to the scientific research, development and innovation of new materials and new technologies. Our products cover the fields of ' Plastic Modifier, Recycled Granule, OFC Filling Material and Lubricating Oil.'. As a national high-tech enterprise integrating with R&D, production and sales, Xinchanglong has actively developed new businesses and continuously improved its corporate value since its establishment. 

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Application of HDPE PE100 particles in water treatment engineering

In water treatment engineering, HDPE PE100 particles are mainly used for manufacturing equipment such as pipes, valves, and water tanks. Compared to traditional metal pipes, pipes made of HDPE PE100 particles have better corrosion resistance and compression resistance, enabling them to maintain good use effects for longer periods of time. In addition, the processing and installation of HDPE PE100 particles is also more convenient, which can reduce labor and time costs.

China Hdpe Pe100 Granule | Hdpe Pe100 Granule For Sale

hdpe pe100 granule is a thermoplastic polyolefin accumulated by ethylene copolymerization. Although HDPE was introduced in 1956, the plastic had not yet reached maturity. The universal material continues to develop new uses and markets. High density ethylene is an environmentally friendly material, heated to the melting point, can be recycled.

China Hdpe Pe100 Granule | Hdpe Pe100 Granule For Sale

Hdpe Pe100 Granule For Sale | Hdpe Pe100 Granule Wholesaler

hdpe pe100 granule granule granule is capable of molding plastic products by injection, extrusion, blow molding and rotary molding. hdpe pe100 granule granule granule granule can be manufactured into various types of containers, industrial accessories, medical products, toys, shells, stoppers and shrouds. It can be formed into various hollow containers, ultra-thin films and so on. Extrusion molding tube, stretching strip, strapping tape, monofilament, wire and cable sheath, etc. In addition, it can also form decorative board, shutter, synthetic wood, synthetic paper, synthetic film and molding calcium plastic products.

Hdpe Pe100 Granule For Sale | Hdpe Pe100 Granule Wholesaler

Hdpe Pe100 Granule Suppliers | Wholesale Hdpe Pe100 Granule

Hdpe pe100 granule production process of continuous improvement, hdpe pe100 granule manufacturing polyethylene pipe popularity, increasingly the dazzling light, widely used in gas transmission, water supply, drainage, irrigation, mines fine particles of solid conveying, and oil field, chemical industry and telecommunications and other fields, Especially in the gas transmission has been widely used.


Hdpe Pe100 Granule Suppliers | Wholesale Hdpe Pe100 Granule
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Xinchanglong has been committed to new materials, new technology research, development and innovation. Our products cover the fields of "plastic modifiers, recycled pellets, OFC fillers and lubricants". As a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, Xinchanglong has been actively exploring new business and continuously improving enterprise value since its establishment.

In 2013, the department of "Filling Materials for Optical Fiber Communication" was established. With its accumulated expertise and superb technology in the field of new materials, the division has made great achievements and rapidly developed into a leading company in the field of OFC industry. In 2016, the company increased the investment in scientific research, independent research and development of multi-functional plastic modifier, optical fiber environmental protection filler, wire, cable and other products. In order to meet the growing consumer needs of our dear customers, we are constantly improving our product line and R&D team.

In the future, Xinchanglong will continue to uphold the mission of "new materials make economic, social and ecological sustainable development", with the purpose of "material science as the core, product quality as the life, customer satisfaction as the principle", and strive to bring all the outstanding talents at home and abroad to the enterprise, work together, strive to develop, innovate, and benefit mankind and the world.

HDPE PE100 particles have many advantages, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, high toughness, impact resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics. In addition, it also has excellent environmental performance and can be recycled.

HDPE PE100 particles are suitable for manufacturing various industrial products such as pipes, containers, plates, mulch, ropes, conveyor belts, etc. It can also be used in construction, agriculture, water conservancy, and other fields.

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